Our Story

Starting as a families dream and through our passion of cultivating the worlds best coffee, Café Savanna brought forth more than 62,000 trees that span over 22 acres of beautiful Central American mountainside. Located 1,300 meters above sea-level on our family estate in the mountains of San Francisco, San Marcos de Colon, Choloteca, Honduras, we meticulously hand pick our cherries and select only the highest quality beans to use in our premium blends. Day by day our family attends to the work of several employees who help sustain and create sustenance for their own families. In doing so, Café Savanna helps to stop the desertion of residents in the San Francisco area providing benefits as well as a comfortable working environment. Our name Savanna is in honor of our grandfather who believed in achieving a better life for not only his family but for his people. Our mission at Café Savanna is that everyone should know that the best tasting coffee comes straight from the tree to the cup.

Family Honduras Savanna Café Savanna Family Owned and Operated

Family Honduras Savanna Café Savanna Family Owned and Operated 

About Us

Coffee Cherries Farm Organic

Only The Best

Try our two types of coffee which you will surely enjoy. Our medium roasted coffee is a much lighter type of coffee that is characterized by an exquisite aroma and a rich high quality flavor 

Our dark roasted coffee is a concentrated organic blend with a combination of unique flavors, aromas and acidities.

Café Savanna is a 100% organic coffee with a persistent body and extraordinary flavor. Café Savanna is harvested at Finca Savanna and is located in San Francisco, San Marcos de Colón. Our trees stand at over 1300 meters above sea level to produce the  best quality product that yield the most unique flavors.

To provide you with high quality coffee, we take care of all the details. From the cutting process to the bagging, we maintain the highest safety and hygiene standards.


2018 Honduran Mobile Congress

On November 21st, Café Savanna attended one of the most respected government events for the southern region of the country. While attending this prestigious event, Cafe Savanna was named the official coffee of the National Congress. The President of the Republic of Honduras and all honorable members of the National Congress were also in  attendance. 

Farm Finca Café Savanna Coffee Organic

Premium Coffee

At Finca Savanna in San Fracisco, San Marcos de Colón, we specialize in the production of only high quality coffee, in order to offer all our consumers a coffee style that generates an explosion of sensations at the moment of tasting it; the acidity, the aroma and the body of our coffee are one of the many characteristics of premium coffee.


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